The 22 Best Google Chrome Extensions you must try in 2022

When you add extensions, Chrome becomes an even more powerful browser. Thousands of extensions can help you with everything from grammar to price tracking. Unfortunately, there are so many choices that it’s difficult to know which ones are the best Google Chrome extensions worthwhile.

We have compiled a list of the best Google Chrome extensions that we think are the best. There is something for everyone in this collection of best Google Chrome extensions. These Chrome productivity add-ons will help you get the most out of your browser while you’re at work.

1. Grammarly — For Content Creators

A spell checker and editor in one, Grammarly is one of the best Google Chrome extensions worth checking out if you use Chrome. Whether you’re writing an email, a Facebook message, or a blog post, it can help you catch and fix common grammatical and spelling errors. Besides grammatical errors, punctuation issues, and unclear sentences, Grammarly can also identify and correct these issues.

. Grammarly

Grammarly won’t annoy you with a barrage of pop-ups or other notifications. Your workflow will not be disrupted by its suggestions, which are clear but not overbearing. Install Grammarly if you’re a frequent internet writer. You won’t be sorry about it.

2. Todoist — for task management

The Todoist Chrome extension makes task management simple. Among the best Chrome extensions, this is one of them. To assign and monitor tasks, you can use this Chrome extension.

Recurring dates in Todoist can help you avoid missing deadlines by making it easy to add due dates, set reminders, and build productive habits. You can color-code your projects, create sub-groups and sub-projects, and micromanage your daily workload to maximize your time efficiency.

2. Todoist — for task management

Another benefit of the extension is that it allows you to work with others simply and straightforwardly, helping you to prioritize projects and delegate responsibilities.

Integrating Todoist with your personal or professional email account is possible if you’re constantly bombarded with emails.

Once you’ve done that, you can add emails to Todoist as “tasks” or “comments,” which you can access via the extension. Todoist’s easy-to-use features can now be used to organize your workspace neatly.

3. Momentum

Another one of the best Google Chrome extensions is Momentum. Momentum is a browser extension that helps you stay on track with your online activities. Replaces the new tab page of your browser with a dashboard of your design. When you open your browser, it will prompt you daily to let it know your primary objective. When you’re finished answering, you’ll see a little checkbox next to the answer that you can complete later. You can use it to stay focused without it becoming too much of a distraction. Momentum includes a daily inspirational quote, a to-do list, and a weather forecast in your new tabs.

Momentum is perfect for people who like to cross things off their to-do lists but don’t have the time to do so in a journal. Use this to make your browser tabs more visually appealing, whether or not you use productivity tools.

4. Mighty Text

Users can send SMS messages (but not RCS chat) directly from their browsers using Mighty Text. Mighty Text is compatible with any SMS app, unlike the Google Messages web app, which can only be used with the Google Messages app.

Mighty Text

Not only will it let you know when you receive texts, but it can also send notifications from other apps and warn you when your phone’s battery is running low. Mighty Text is an excellent app for people who want to respond to texts quickly without taking out their phones. That’s why it is also one of the best Google Chrome extensions.

5. Awesome Screenshot

In the list of best Google Chrome extensions, an Awesome screenshot is also included. More than just a screenshot tool, Awesome Screenshot does a lot more. To begin with, it can take screenshots of the entire page, a portion of it, or just a portion. In contrast, you can use Awesome Screenshot to quickly annotate screenshots and save them to your computer or the cloud. Additionally, there is an option to include webcam recording in the screen capture feature.

Awesome Screenshot

When taking regular screenshots or screen recordings of your browser, an Awesome Screenshot is essential. There are no complicated recording options or capture settings to mess with, so you won’t waste time.

6. YouTube Rabbit Hole

Despite its relative obscurity, I believe YouTube Rabbit Hole is one of the best Google Chrome extensions you can get in 2022. You are already aware of the tricks algorithms that are used to trick you into watching more and more of the same videos over and over again. You’ll be watching videos about conspiracy theories in a matter of seconds.

YouTube Rabbit Hole

Installing the YouTube Rabbit Hole extension will keep you safe from videos generated by clever algorithms. The YouTube page’s suggested videos, popular videos, and user comments are deleted. Make sure you know that the extension lets you change the YouTube elements. So, if searching for the best Google Chrome extensions, don’t forget to choose YouTube Rabbit Hole.

7. Evernote Web Clipper

This extension may be helpful to among the best Google Chrome extensions if you frequently save articles and websites to read later. An article can be synced with the app and last accessed on your desktop.

Evernote Web Clipper’s clip formats set it apart from the competition. Bookmarking is also an option. It’s quick and easy and does exactly what I need it to. In addition, the extension allows you to put it in one of your Evernote folders. That’s why you should choose this extension if you are looking for the best Google Chrome extensions for saving PDFs. Articles and web pages.

8. Tab Wrangler

Tab Wrangler is also one of the best Google Chrome extensions. With Tab Wrangler, you can keep Chrome tabs organized by having it automatically close any that are no longer needed. Tab Wrangler can automatically close all open tabs after a predetermined amount of time has elapsed.

In the Tab Corral, tabs that have been closed can be reopened quickly and easily. It a great if you’re always searching through a mountain of unopened tabs or if you have so many open that you can’t find the ones you need.

Tab Wrangler is particularly useful among the best Google Chrome extensions because of its many customization options. For added security, you can disable the ability to close open tabs on your favorite websites by locking or pinning them.

9. LastPass — for managing passwords

Google is where most of us keep all of our passwords. However, what happens if you lose your Google password? The LastPass service comes to the rescue in this situation. That’s why it is one of the best Google Chrome extensions.

For more than just passwords, LastPass can store information such as insurance card numbers, passport numbers, forms, and addresses. When it comes to protecting and securing your data, LastPass software is the best in the business, and it even alerts you if your saved information is at risk from third parties.

LastPass — for managing passwords

The software also helps you create more secure passwords and offers advice on making your current ones even more vital.

LastPass has a single master password for all of your passwords. If you use multi-factor authentication, you’ll never have to be concerned about your security again. Most people often forget their passwords which is a common issue. So, you must include LastPass in your list of best Google Chrome extensions.

10. Buffer

This is one of the best Google Chrome extensions for small businesses needing a flexible social media management tool.

Buffer’s primary goal as a social media management platform is to increase customer engagement and deliver impressive results. You can use it to publish content, increase engagement, and track your progress on social media.


Essential for social media marketers who want to maintain a solid social media presence and collaborate with others, these tools are essential.” So, it is recommended that you must download it. Buffer is one of the best Google Chrome extensions for social media marketers. Buffer’s features include publishing, analyzing, social engagement, analytics, and a content calendar for users to plan their content strategy.

Social media management is a breeze with Buffer. Because of the useful post-scheduling feature, users can plan. Social media management can be made easier with its collaborative tools.

11. Toggl Track

Like the previously mentioned Ever hour, this is the best app for keeping track of time spent on various tasks without having to leave the browser. This is why it is one of the best Google Chrome extensions. With this one, you’ll get the complete picture of how much time you spend on various tasks in your workflow, thanks to its native integration with the entire app.

This is a must-have for teams juggling multiple projects and responsibilities. This handy add-on makes it simple to link time and expenses to specific projects or clients.

12. AdBlock — for blocking ads

The last thing you want when trying to complete an assignment is to be bombarded with ads and sponsored videos while trying to find the information you need. Fortunately, AdBlock can help.

Background Ad Blocker does exactly what its name implies: it works in the background to keep you free of the intrusive ads and pop-ups that greet you when you visit sites like YouTube or Facebook. You don’t have to do anything; sit back and relax while it takes care of everything. That’s why it will be one of the best Google Chrome extensions in 2022.

AdBlock — for blocking ads

Additionally, AdBlock will keep you safe by identifying and blocking out malware and malicious pages.

With AdBlock, you can replace the images on the blocked pages with your own. AdBlock also lets you personalize your experience by selecting from various beautiful themes.

13. Google Translate

Google Translate is a well-known name in the world of translation services and is also known as one of the best Google Chrome extensions. It’s a constant presence in our lives, from helping kids with their French homework to translating foreign phrases.

Google TranslateRather than having to copy and paste the text into the website, the Google Translate extension does all of the work for you. Select the Translate option from the context menu when you right-click or highlight some text to get a translation.

14. Loom

Loom is a must-have extension for Chrome. Video conferencing has never been more accessible in the workplace. Users can record themselves by clicking on the app’s screen a few times. By creating and sharing their content, users can save time and get right to the point. Keep in touch with your team by installing Loom, the best Chrome extension for professionals, and use it whenever possible.


Other Loom capabilities include video and screen capture, editing and sharing files across multiple platforms, and file searching.

A loom is a valuable tool for any business owner or employee who needs to quickly transmit video or audio information.

15. Magical

Using Magical is like having a text expander and a message template maker in one. Shortcuts can be created for phrases, email templates, or links that you frequently use. We have a unique use case here: to create marketing emails or apply for jobs. You don’t have to be a professional to benefit from this.

16. Dark Reader

Dark Reader is a browser extension that enables dark browsing across the web. It’s as simple as clicking on the Dark Reader extension icon whenever you’re on a website to apply a dark theme. As a result, the user has more control over the dark theme, as they can adjust brightness and contrast, apply sepia filtering, and alter font settings, among other options. To get Chrome’s dark theme on any site, you visit, use Dark Reader. This is a good one to try if you enjoy the dark theme.

17. Keepa

The Keepa app adds price history charts to Amazon sites and alerts you if they fall below your desired price thresholds. Keepa provides much more information than Amazon’s price change notifications, including comparing new and used prices. Additionally, there are a variety of tools to help you save money while shopping on Amazon, such as wishlist import, in-stock alerts, and daily deal notifications

18. Keywords Everywhere

Keywords Everywhere

We consider Keywords Everywhere one of the best Chrome extensions on the market. If you’re looking for a specific keyword, you can use this tool to see how many people are searching for it and how much competition there is for it. You will need to purchase additional credits to use some of these features. If you want to improve your skills in competitor research, turn to this resource.

19. Hypercontext — for business collaboration

Over 100,000 managers and their teams benefit from Hyper Context’s high-performance tools, which integrate quarterly priorities, weekly meetings, and engagement metrics.

For meetings involving individuals, teams, and cross-functional teams, hyper context allows for creating collaborative agendas. Making everyone responsible for providing feedback at every meeting is possible with access to hundreds of conversation starters.


Add items to your meeting agenda from any tab with the freemium Chrome extension, manage your agendas and steps in Google Calendar, and use your agenda directly in Google Meet with the extension installed.

Using the GSD feature, you can avoid being distracted by social media and instead be reminded to prepare for your next meeting using the extension.

20. Forest

A horticultural incentive keeps you going. This is the perfect extension if you’re constantly checking Facebook or YouTube. Set a timer and enter any URLs you want to avoid while working. A virtual tree will be planted when the timer goes off. Your tree will die if you try to access any of your blocked URLs. A fully grown tree can only be added to your virtual forest if you stay away from these URLs for the timer.


There’s a great Android app that will kill a tree if you use your phone in the forest, which is a lovely way to stay focused on your work.

21. StayFocusd — for online time restriction

StayFocusd is the best option if you don’t have the self-control to avoid YouTube, Reddit, Facebook, and other time-consuming websites.

Limiting the amount of time, you can spend on the internet; this add-on can help you stay focused and avoid online distractions.

Let’s say you want to spend no more than 10 minutes a day on Facebook. Add Facebook to your blocked sites list, set a timer for 10 minutes, and get back to work.

StayFocusd — for online time restriction

Even if you’re a frequent Facebook user, you should limit your time to no more than 10 minutes per day. You will not be able to access Facebook or any other blocked website until the following day.

There’s no way to extend the time limit once it’s expired, so you won’t have the temptation to go back and play around with the settings.

The Nuclear Option is yet another fantastic feature of this add-on. In this section, you can choose how many hours or days you want to be blocked from accessing certain websites. There is no way to turn this feature off once enabled until the period you specify has expired.

22. View the Image

Another one of the best Google Chrome extensions is View image. The view image button was removed from Google Images results as part of a licensing agreement between Google and Getty Images in 2018. When clicked, a new tab will open with the image, making it easier for users to download. This button and the Search by Image button are re-implemented in View Image. Search by Image allows you to right-click on any photo and search Google for other places it has been featured. ‘

View Image

Unlike the other extensions on this list, View Image adds a feature previously present in Chrome. So, if you want Chrome to work as it should, View Image should be first on your list.


Extensions like these are great for Chrome, but you can use them with any Chromium-based browser. Even if you don’t use Chrome, you can still benefit from our suggestions if you use popular browsers like Edge or Opera. A few Chrome extensions don’t work correctly in other browsers.

Extensions aren’t the only way to enhance your Chrome experience; a slew of desktop-specific tips and tricks are available. However, if you are looking for the best Google Chrome extensions must consider all these extensions for a better user experience.

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