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How to buy a Laptop for Online Learning on a Budget in Pakistan

How can you pick the best laptop for online learning on a tight budget? This is a great place to start your search for information. It’s understandable to desire a lightweight and powerful laptop, but if you’re only going to use the computer for online learning and essential productivity tools, you may not want to spend a lot of money.

We’ll go through some of the most popular series and models from well-known manufacturers that you should keep a look out for in our guide to low-cost alternatives. As with our desktop guide, we’ve chosen well-known companies to provide better customer service after the transaction.

Laptops aren’t as flexible as desktop computers when upgrading components, but their mobility makes them great for working on the go.

If you need a laptop for online learning or work and don’t rely on any specific software for your career or educational needs, you should also explore Chromebooks. Because Google’s Chrome OS runs on lower-end hardware, these laptops suit those on a tighter budget. Any Android applications are also accessible through the Google Play Store if you want.

Why should you invest in a high-end laptop for online learning?

You’ll need a lot of technical knowledge while looking for a new computer. Thinking about your technology needs before you become tempted by dazzling ads and posh packaging is a good idea.

Even amid other people’s noise, a frequent traveler’s ideal laptop allows them to concentrate. With laptops, you can work wherever you are. A laptop may be a lifesaver when you need it:

  • Waiting for an appointment is a perfect opportunity to get some paperwork done.
  • Read an e-book at the airport.
  • When you’re out for lunch, ask a question.
  • Focus on your homework while riding the train.

A desktop computer may be a better option if you have a regular work schedule and prefer not to be interrupted. Due to their portability, desktop computers are often less costly and less susceptible to hardware and software issues.

Maintaining a balance between your goals and your budget

Before beginning a journey, setting a budget and expectations is vital. High-end Windows 10 laptops cost at least Rs. 30,000. RDP’s ThinBook 1010 and Avita’s Essential series are made in Hyderabad, India. Intel Celeron or Pentium CPU with 4GB of RAM, an HD monitor, and a tiny flash storage device is common in this price range (eMMC).

Computer Requirements to Keep in Mind when buying a laptop for online learning

Computer Requirements to Keep in Mind when buying a laptop for online learning


When you’re schooling or studying, you need a fast CPU with a computer that doesn’t slow down. Before selecting a laptop for online learning, be sure the processor is fast enough. A processor with at least a Core I series is required for most online courses, which need multitasking. Online lessons may necessitate a high level of CPU multitasking.


You will require a laptop with an integrated graphics processing unit (GPU) to take online classes. Video watching and taking notes are made easier in online courses because of the widespread use of visuals. A graphics processor makes multitasking a breeze. The graphics processor is crucial when selecting a laptop since it assists in movie playback and note-taking.


Because you’ll be performing a lot of multitasking while taking online classes, your laptop will need a lot of RAM. Four gigabytes or more of RAM is considered a minimal need for online courses. If your machine isn’t up to the task, you may be unable to bear the weight.

A large amount of RAM is required for online classes, which entails using many tabs and programs like Microsoft Word and Excel. Ensure your laptop has the RAM capacity to avoid the lag time when switching between tasks.


You’ll need a laptop with a lot of storage space to perform many tasks simultaneously throughout the training. Most high-end laptops have the sufficient storage capacity to hold all your data.

Since they can view several files at once without their computer slowing down when taking online classes, students will benefit from having a laptop with enough internal memory.


Thinking about the display when buying a laptop for online learning is critical. On a laptop with a full HD screen, taking notes and keeping up with lectures is easier than ever.

If you want to maximize your screen area, a resolution of 1920 x 1080 or above is the best option. The quality of the display is critical when it comes to taking notes and keeping up with lectures. Regarding resolution, the better the image, the higher it should be.


Because you’ll be using your laptop to connect to the internet, it must have a broad selection of ports. Type-C and Thunderbolt ports are now common on nearly all laptops. This opens up the laptop’s connectivity options.

When shopping for a laptop, look for a range of connectors that make it easy to connect to the internet and other devices.


Because you’ll be using your laptop to access the internet, your internet connection must be of high quality. You don’t want to be disconnected if you’re doing online classwork or homework.

Almost all laptops today come equipped with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi as standard features since those technologies have been so widely used for connecting to the internet.

Check the laptop’s Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection before purchasing it to guarantee that you’ll always be able to get online.

Battery life or power limit

Many people find the battery life of laptops to be a serious problem. To ensure that you don’t have to worry about running out of battery power halfway through a lecture, ensure that your computer has long battery life.

For an online class, battery life is critical since you don’t want your laptop to die while doing homework or taking notes.


The processor in your laptop is primarily responsible for its overall performance (also known as a CPU or APU). AMD A series or Intel Core i3/5/I7 CPUs are what you’re looking for. Even if the laptops of those academics are expensive, the greater the CPU, the faster your computer can handle data.

Internal hard drive of a computer

Consider the hard drive capacity while comparing PCs. Data storage is a “hard drive” or “hard disc drive” in computers. Think of your hard drive as a bookcase.

Every piece of reading material has a home in a bookcase at some point. Books are taken down from the shelves when they are needed. It is possible to access your data from a hard drive at any moment.


While selecting a laptop for online learning, you need to be cautious of everything mentioned above. Make sure that the computer you are buying is fulfilling the requirements that you need it to have in your laptop for online learning.

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