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Everything You Need to Know About Sadapay in Pakistan

Technological advancements and a shift toward digitalization have led to a rethinking of payment methods that are both quick and safe. In every industry, online banking like (SadaPay) has revolutionized the process of payment and has sped it up around the world. Everything is at the click of a button.

We now have information on a brand-new payment method that has just hit the market. SadaPay is a safe and secure online money management platform designed to help Pakistanis make domestic and international payments more conveniently. It’s a digital wallet that lets you get a physical card without paying registration fees by opening an account through the app.

With this digital wallet, you can open an account and receive a physical card from the app, all for no additional cost.

Let us now examine SadaPay in greater depth.

What’s SadaPay?

This means you don’t have to worry about online shopping or signing up for Netflix or Amazon because the digital payment process is straightforward. Without a charge, you can spend and send money and withdraw cash. With SadaPay, you can pay and receive money through your card to make your online business, freelancing, or e-shopping more convenient in Pakistan.

Freelancers in Pakistan face a lack of payment options because of this. This new digital payment method will fill a significant gap, which will also help freelancers get paid quickly.


Brandon Timinsky, the owner of SadaPay, is convinced that if Pakistan can get its financial house in order, it can be a game changer for the freelancing industry and play a significant role in boosting Pakistan’s economy.

Using a no-fee model, he has been working with Pakistan’s State Bank to normalize international payments.

Why Does SadaPay Offer Free Services?

Because SadaPay has no physical branches. So, SadaPay’s customers no longer have to pay fees when using the service.

If the figures are to be believed, they only make up around 1.5% of what you spend on international purchases with your card. Regarding freelancing, Pakistan has an advantage over other countries because of the ease of digital payments.

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How to get and use SadaPay Virtual Card and Master Debit Card?

You will receive a free virtual debit card from SadaPay, which you can use to make national online payments immediately.

With a Master debit card, you can use Amazon, AliExpress, Facebook, and Netflix to make international payments. From the app, you can order a free SadaPay Master Debit card and have it shipped directly to your door. You can also get cash from an ATM with this master debit card. With your card, you can make three free cash withdrawals from any Pakistani ATM each month.


Sada’s Features

  • A free debit card 
  • Digital Wallet 
  • Facility to Shop Online
  • Fund Transfer
  • Bill Payment 
  • Free Cash Withdrawals at any ATM in Pakistan 

How to Sign Up for SadaPay Money Transfer Service?

Creating an account on SadaPay doesn’t take any longer than 3 minutes. You need a few things to create your account for free with SadaPay. Follow the simple steps as defined here:

  • Go to the SadaPay website, sign up, or open the mobile app.
  • Click on the “Signup Now” button.
  • Enter your basic information, such as your first name, last name, and other relevant details that the form requires throughout the process.
  • Provide your new selfie.
  • Submit a picture of your CNIC.
  • Complete the signup by setting up your password.

Five Reasons Why a Sadapay Account is Essential

Regarding banking issues, SadaPay is working on an innovative solution. It is now easier than ever to open an account from the comfort of your home, with user experience and 24/7 availability at the top of our priorities.

Here are five reasons why you must get a SadaPay account:

1. Easy on the pocket. 

We all know that banks always charge customers. Account opening, card issuance, interbank transfers, and ATM withdrawals cost money. SadaPay helps you save. No monthly or yearly fees. Ordering or reissuing a debit card is free. The first three ATM withdrawals per month are free. SadaPay’s foreign exchange (FX) charge is 1.5%, the lowest in Pakistan.

2. Financial control in the palm of your hand 

Do you know how it takes multiple calls and long hold times to reach bank customer service? Occasionally, it would help if you visited the branch. Account opening, cash deposits, and card re-issuance require phone calls and bank trips. SadaPay’s app has simple toggles for freezing a lost card or enabling international transactions. You can create an account from your phone in minutes, transfer funds instantly, order your card in 2 business days, reset your PIN from the app, and contact customer support in seconds. The user interface is beautiful and easy to use.

3. Reliable and Secure 

With the shift towards a cashless society, financial institutions must integrate security technologies. SadaPay introduces the first numberless card in Pakistan and the MENA region. Our cards don’t have a visible number or code, so if you lose it or they fall into the wrong hands, your personal information won’t be leaked. App security has been mentioned. We also use advanced technology to protect our users’ funds from hackers and fraudsters.

4. All Around the World 

Internal risk policies restrict many banks’ international transactions. Users can enjoy international transactions without worry with SadaPay’s modern fraud detection and prevention technology. The SadaPay card can be used anywhere MasterCard is accepted. Netflix, Amazon, AliExpress, Spotify, etc. Covered!

5. Friends like Family 

They have an experienced team. Their customer service sets us apart from other Pakistani banks. Their support doesn’t end at 6 pm because they know your problems. They are available 24/7 to solve customers’ problems. The team responds quickly to live chat, emails, and social media DMs. They’ll make you feel loved and special.


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